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Should you really need to have a credit card to build your credit score?

And what happens if you don't want a credit card or can’t get one in the first place?

BuildMyCreditScore was created to solve that problem, simply and transparently.

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Build My Credit Score
Build My Credit Score
Build My Credit Score

Who we are

About Build My Credit Score

Who we are

It should have been an exciting moment when someone we knew started the journey of buying their first home. Unfortunately, her experience quickly turned into a nightmare!

It turned out that she had a less-than-ideal credit score, making it impossible to secure a mortgage at a reasonable interest rate.

Shockingly, she's not alone. When we looked into this, we discovered that more than 20 million people in the UK find themselves in similar circumstances¹.

  • Debit card users - Most people in the UK rely on debit cards² to manage their expenses and as a result, many haven't built up a credit history.
  • New to the country - Others who have recently moved to the UK from abroad find themselves without any credit history at all.
  • New to credit building - Some people struggle to get a credit card even if they want one, and find themselves stuck and unable to improve their credit score. 

Considering our success in pioneering the UK's first Direct Debit card business in recent years, we wondered if this could help solve the problem. What if there was a way to build a credit score with a Debit card?

And so, the concept of BuildMyCreditScore was born.


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Build My Credit Score